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Dashur (Red & Bent)  

 Giza (Khufu, Khafre & Menkaure) 

All photographs are copyright Ruth Shilling.
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3_-_Menakaure.jpg (15120 bytes)

The Pyramids at Giza

34_-_Great_Pyramid_sarcophagus.jpg (25249 bytes)


Stone sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber
of the Great Pyramid (called "Where the Sun Rises and Sets" by the Ancient Egyptians)

28_-_Sphinx_and_Pyramid.jpg (23850 bytes)


Called today the Second Pyramid or 
Pyramid of Chephren (Khafre)
Called "The Great" by the Ancient Egyptians
(Sphinx in foreground)

35_-_2nd_Pyramid_sarcophagus.jpg (17494 bytes)


Inside the Second Pyramid
Dark color is stone sarcophagus with half-open lid
3_-_Menakaure.jpg (15120 bytes)
Called today the Third Pyramid or
The Pyramid of Mycerinus (Menkaure)
Called "The Divine" by the Ancient Egyptians 

36_-_Ramp_in_3rd_Pyramid.jpg (14291 bytes)


Ramp inside the 3rd Pyramid

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Dashur Pyramids - The Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid

Also please see our NEW PAGE 
Photos of Dashur's Pyramids - Red Pyramid, Bent Pyramid & Black Pyramid


33_-_Red_Pyramid.jpg (10253 bytes)

The Red Pyramid
Called the "Northern Shining" by the Ancient Egyptians
Recently opened to the public.

30_-_Bent_mid-distance.jpg (16052 bytes)

The Bent Pyramid
Called the "Southern Shining" by the Ancient Egyptians

31_-_Bent_up_close.jpg (19317 bytes)


Bent Pyramid
Showing the casing stones still intakt 
32_-_Bent_casing_stones.jpg (16606 bytes) Bent Pyramid
Close up of the intakt casing stones

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