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Walls & Statues

All photographs are copyright Ruth Shilling.
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Karnak, East Bank of Luxor, wall outside Hypostyle Hall

10_-_Montu.jpg (40523 bytes)


The god Montu (see the hieroglyphics of his name to the right of his crown).  The major god at Karnak before Amun.  When Amun became major god at Karnak Montu was given the role of his son.  Later Khonsu was given the role of the son. 
Karnak Open Air Museum.

11_-_Sekhmet_at_Karnak.jpg (31055 bytes) The goddess Sekhmet.  The lioness. 
Consort of Ptah.

Statue in the "Temple of Ptah"at Karnak.

12_-_Hathor_as_cow_wall.jpg (52629 bytes) Hathor in cow form
She wears the sacred menat necklace and the solar disk is between her horns.
Wall of the Hathor Chapel at 
Hatshepsut's Deir el-Bahari
13_-_Luxor_Temple_Obelisk.jpg (23656 bytes) Hieroglyphics on the Ramesses II obelisk at the entrance of the Luxor Temple.

The other obelisk of the pair stands in the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

14_-_Astrological_ceiling_Valley_of_Kings.jpg (49203 bytes) Astrological ceiling in a tomb (Ramesses  III?) in the Valley of the Kings.
Luxor, West Bank.

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