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The Blue Lotus of Sakkara
 is an environmentally friendly guesthouse and restaurant, situated at the foot of the Step Pyramid, in the heart of the ancient city of Men-nefer (Memphis).  
Fresh produce grown in the black earth and cooked in the old traditional ways.
Enjoy a serene atmosphere with nature.

Home of the Egyptian Blue Lotus.

"May I walk every day unceasingly 
on the banks of my water
May my soul rest on the branches of the trees
 which I have planted
May I refresh myself in the shadow of my sycamore."
Egyptian tomb inscription, ca. 1400 BCE

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  • Family Operated

  • Ideal for individuals and small groups.

  • Dig House for archeological missions.

  • Workshops and Retreats

With reservations only.
Contact: Bakr M. Fahmy
Tel: +20 10 521 7619

Languages spoken: English, Franšais, Deutsch

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